Goibib Mountain Lodge


Sunrise Nature Drive

Witness a spectacular Namibian sunrise and the landscape coming to life again followed by a scrumptious breakfast in the great outdoors.

Sunset Nature Drive

This 2–3-hour drive allows for unhurried wildlife watching and concludes with the magnificent Namibian sunset. As night falls, we may catch a glimpse of emerging nocturnal animal life on the way back to the lodge for dinner.

nature drive vehicle

Deluxe Nature Drive

Learn more about the lodge, farm, and are with one of our experienced and knowledgeable guide.

Self-guided Hike / Birding

Guests may take a self-guided hike to explore the scenic beauty of the lodge at their own pace to seek out local flora and fauna. The more energetic may like to take out a mountain-bike to explore at a slightly faster pace.

Herd of oryx
starry night sky


The unpolluted skies make stargazing a very attractive proposition, using one of our telescopes.