What to Expect


Goibib Mountain Lodge

Pristine Wilderness

The south of Namibia is known for its wide-open vistas and seemingly endless bright blue skies, and despite nestling among the Great Karas Mountains, for which the ǁKaras Region takes its name, Goibib Mountain Lodge is no exception.

While Goibib Mountain Lodge is perfect as an over-night stop to relax and recuperate, it also makes the perfect base camp to explore some of southern Namibia’s gems, including the world famous Fish River Canyon and adjoining Ai-Ais hot springs, as well as the Brukkaros Mountain, a volcanic caldera 100 kilometres north-northwest of Keetmanshoop, where a hiking trail will lead you to the ridge of the mountain, and the abandoned solar observatory that was constructed in 1926.

While exploring the Keetmanshoop area, make sure to also make a turn past the Quiver Tree Forest, where about 250 specimens of this indigenous plant, named for the fact that the San people historically used the hollowed-out branches to store their arrows, and the Giant’s Playground, an exposed dolerite formation estimated to be 160 million years old, that has the appearance of massive toy building blocks having been staked in piles.

Goibib Mountain Lodge can cater scrumptious picnic hampers in this regard or speak to us about guided day-tours to many of these destinations.

Fish River Canyon
Quiver trees or kokerbooms
Giant's Playground with quiver tree

Farm Experience

One of Goibib Mountain Lodge’s unique features is that it is located on a working farm, with a breeding herd of Nguni cattle – highly sought after the world over for their unique pelts, where each animal’s colouration and pattern is one-of-a-kind (much like a fingerprint).

Nguni are very hardy, tolerant of extreme temperatures, and have a good temperament, while their equally unique horns serve as a cooling mechanism and are thought to contribute to digestion, metabolism, and the animal’s overall wellbeing.

Visitors to Goibib Mountain Lodge are afforded the opportunity to not only visit these herds but to learn more about the animals and what goes into selecting and breeding the next generation of award-winning cattle.

Nguni cow
nguni cow
nguni cow

Wildlife & Activities

Hop into one of our air-conditioned 4×4 vehicles for either a sundowner or sunrise nature drive, while keeping your eyes peeled for the Region’s Oryx and Springbok, or if you’re really lucky even one of the more shy, nocturnal inhabitants such as the aardvark, bat eared fox, ratel (honey badger), or Cape porcupine.

We also offer self-guided walks for the more energetic, or simply those who wish to take their time and appreciate the flora and rich bird life available for identification – don’t worry, if you’re not the most experienced twitcher we have a useful selection of bird identification books in our library.

Hydnora africana
scorpion under uv light